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Jimi Yamagishi: Next gig

Mar 2, 2014 The Cork Sherman Oaks California USA
Mar 2, 2014 Christ Presbyterian Church Los Angeles California usa
Mar 1, 2014 Pho King Delicious Northridge California usa
Mar 10, 2013 The Coffee Gallery Backstage Altadena California US
Feb 22, 2013 Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living Redondo Beach California US
Feb 16, 2013 Jumpcut Cafe Studio City California USA
Jun 14, 2012 Lulu's beehive Studio City California USA
Apr 27, 2012 Center for Spiritual Living Redondo Beach CA
Feb 11, 2012 Huntington by the Sea Resort Huntington Beach CA
Feb 5, 2012 Christ Presbyterian Church Los Angeles CA
Jan 28, 2012 First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut Walnut, CA
Jan 27, 2012 Namaste Cafe Redondo Beach CA
2012 Malibu Winery Malibu CA
Nov 29, 2011 The Mint Los Angeles California US

Amazing RAWKIN' gig as always! New friends to meet, great food & some truly memorable moments. HOpe to do it again in 2012!

Nov 20, 2011 The Cork Sherman Oaks California USA

Small crowd but electrifying performances & I git to jam with the Doc on a few songs!

Nov 14, 2011 The Mint Los Angeles California US
May 31, 2011 Matt Denny’s restaurant & Alehouse Arcadia California USA

Some of the best songwriting ever! Great artists, good beer & a whole lotta fun! Hope to share these nights with more of you!

May 25, 2011 The Coffee Gallery FRONTstage Altadena, California USA

Nice to be featured in front! Hopefully, this can turn into a booking in the BACK!

May 21, 2011 Walter Reed Middle School Studio City California USA
Apr 27, 2011 The Coffee Gallery FRONTstage Altadena, CA USA

Well, the gig didn't happen because it literally got PIRATED.
Many of you know, my good friend James Potkey passed away recently.
His friends in the "Pirate community" decided to have a tribute that night so the gig was pre=empted. It was a great night of remembering him.

Apr 16, 2011 Hallenbeck's Cahuenga General Store North Hollywood California USA

Truly amazing! Interesting that there was such a contrast between male & female artists!

Apr 16, 2011 South Pasadena High School track South Pasadena, California USA
Mar 15, 2011 Sam Ash Music, Westminister Westminster California USA
Feb 25, 2011 Redondo Beach Church of Religious Scienca Redondo Beach California US
Jan 31, 2011 The Talking Stick Venice California USA
Jan 29, 2011 Flappers Comedy Club/YooHoo room Burbank California USA
Jan 26, 2011 Cafe Amsterdam North Hollywood, California USA

Fun! Plan to be back!

Dec 5, 2010 Aratani Theater La CA usa
Nov 5, 2010 Hallenbecks General Store North Hollywood ca usa
Oct 25, 2010 The Talking Stick Venice CA
Oct 24, 2010 Heart of Grub Azusa ca

Found out the venue 2 days before the event. It was well attended though & we RAWKED it.
Thanks to Mark Alee who sat in on drums. Nice to have a world class drummer around!

Oct 9, 2010 Chinese Community Church San Diego ca

Well attended & sold a lot of CDs, proceeds donated to JEMS. One guy in another band reminded me of myself 30 years ago...

Sep 27, 2010 The Talking Stick Venice ca usa

Gina venturini sings my sonmgs much better than I do. In fact I had people asking about songs I've been singing for years, but they sound SO much better with Gina, they thought they were new!

Sep 26, 2010 First Chinese Baptist Church Los Angeles californ USA
Aug 30, 2010 The TAlking Stick Venice californ USA
Jul 20, 2010 Sam Ash Music, Westminister Westminster californ USA
Jun 28, 2010 The Talking Stick Venice californ USA

First gig w/ Gina. Fun stuff! her material this one, next is my stuff. Sounded good for first time out!

Jun 1, 2010 The Talking Stick Venice ca USA
Mar 22, 2010 The Talking Stick Venice CA
Feb 26, 2010 Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science Redondo Beach CA. USA
Feb 22, 2010 The Talking Stick Venice californ usa
Dec 16, 2009 The Coffee Gallery Backstage Altadena CA USA
Dec 13, 2009 CHURCH LA CA USA
Dec 6, 2009 Aratani/Japan America Theater LA Ca USA
Dec 2, 2009 The Mint LA CA


Dec 1, 2009 The NEW Talking Stick Venice ca usa
Jun 21, 2009 Westview Presbyterian Church Watsonville CA USA
Jun 12, 2009 The Key Club Los Angeles CA USA

It was a great gig, & lotsa fun playing with Andy Katt!
We did Life is Just a Party & Paradigm as part of our set. Packed house & good vibe all around!

Mar 28, 2009 South Bay Presbyterian Torrance ca
Jan 10, 2009 Encino Community Center Encino CA USA
2009 The Mint LA CA
Dec 7, 2008 Japan America Theater L.A. CA USA

As always, Lowell's band RAWKS!
It was great tradin' licks with 'em

Sep 26, 2008 Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science Redondo Beach, CA USA
Aug 25, 2008 The original Talking Stick Santa monica ca USA
Jul 29, 2008 Genghis Cohen Los Angeles ca USA

I had lotsa fun, & as I expected, it was a JAM!
Amy Raasch is a new friend & she inspired me to write a song a week & post it to myspca, so I'm doing that now!

Jun 3, 2008 Café Bellissimo Woodland Hills CA

MAny of you now know, Lori & I are shiftin' gears & headin' off in different directions. No. it's not a split, but other opportunities have come up.
We will still do stuff together, & if there's a demand, we will gig together, but at this moment, it's not a top priority.
a LOT of new material was generated during the past 3 months though, so keep droppin' by my live gigs & myspace ( to hear more

May 27, 2008 The Coffeee Gallery Backstage Altadena ca USA

The gig went well, & Alberto works well with Lori

May 25, 2008 The Talking Stick Santa Monica ca USA
May 15, 2008 Kings Harbor Church Torrance ca
May 14, 2008 USC LA CA

I posted it after the event because there are some of you who are SO supportive, I know you would have crashed the party t' say hello! (Annie, thanks for droppin' by!) Kudos to Jenn Sato for puttin' it all together & providing the op t' make a lil' noize!

May 2, 2008 Hallenbecks North Hollywood CA usa

Working with Lori is amazing! we played to a PACKED house, with lots of Lori's friends in attendance for the first set, & lots of MY friends there for the second half! If you were there you know what magical night it was! look forward to more from us soon!

Mar 7, 2008 The Talking Stick Santa Monica CA USA

TK promotions is a wonderfull company run by Toni Koch. She's all about helping indie artists find their way & making things happen. Although I was really scheuled to be the front-end buffer as people arrived for the "headliners" I got to play a short set of my own material too, & was well recieved.
The 'Stick was supposed to be closed over aa year ago, as the building wa sold, but with changes in the economy & all that, stuff got delayed, another deal wa made, & though the sign out back is no longer there, the venue is vibrant & thriving.
I will also be playing there May 25th with my new songwriting partner, Lori Steele!

Jan 26, 2008 South Bay Presbyterian Church Torrance CA USA

Pastor Sunny Kang runs this place, but this night he was not present.
Although I was the featured artist, the response to the local teens doing their open mic was MUCH better.
Damn. I felt old.
What was cool though, is their PARENTS all came up & APOLOGIZED! WOW! I was expecting "I Sucked" but instead, wa greeted with U RAWK & more support than I normally would have had at a good gig!
I've been promised a more "adult" gig later this year.

Jan 25, 2008 Benefit concert in Santa Ana Santa Ana CA USA

WOW! The restaurant out front says Tapatios, & where we played looks like a cannery/bottling facility!
I'm SURE this was it! Still smelled of peppers & vinegar. There was an excellent do-wop vocal group ahead of me, & a few other artists who really knew what they were doing, espceially the Latin guy after me. Everyone was shkin their thang. Way cool, PACKED even with no place to sit & limited munchies, poor lighting & limited sound, people were there to SUPPORT the cause.
It proved that if people really WANT to be somewhere, bare bones is fine.
Thanks Juan, U RAWK!

2008 The NEW Talking Stick Venice ca USA
Nov 1, 2007 Coffee Junction Tarzana CA USA

The venue was being sold, so this was the last one there.
It will be missed.
I had a good time seeing lots of friends, & for a change my wife came out with me! That was the best part!

Oct 6, 2007 West Covina Christian Church West Covina CA USA
Aug 12, 2007 Flat Cat Radio worldwide CA usa
Aug 12, 2007 Christ Presbyterian Church Los Angeles ca USA

Thanks for coming!
Lunch was great too!

Jul 15, 2007 Santa Clara Valley Japanese Christian Church Campbell CA USA
Jun 26, 2007 Cafe Bellissimo Woodland Hills ca USA
Apr 26, 2007 Azusa Street Revival Los Angeles CA USA
Apr 21, 2007 Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church Seattle WA USA

Soundcheck was great.
But my presets were lost so I played my ONE & ONLY SONG ACOUSTICALLY. All the way to Seattle for ONE SONG & NO PA for 600 people.
Of course, it got dialed in AFTER my song.
I backed up my friend Calvin Joe for that & was pissed off enough to SHRED on my guitar. AFterwards, I got a lot of new fans for that, so I guess it wans't a completely worthless gig.
PLus I got to hang with Jon & Den, & spend time with Jay, friends I haven't seen in over 20 years!
My wife got to see what was happening & realized I need to get out & play more.
Thank You God.

Jan 25, 2007 The Talking Stick Santa Monica CA
Jan 13, 2007 Sisters of Bubik Pasadena CA
Dec 3, 2006 Japan America Theater Los Angeles CA
Nov 26, 2006 Seafood Bay (was Ohana Hou) West Covina CA USA
Nov 17, 2006 Java with Javelyn Santa Monica ca
Oct 22, 2006 Ohana Hou West Covina CA


Sep 22, 2006 NAMASTE Cafe Redondo Beach ca
Aug 20, 2006 Wordplay Showcase Santa Monica ca
Jul 27, 2006 Songsalive Showcase@ Santa Monica, 90405 CA
Apr 11, 2006 Songwriters on Sunset Hollywood CA
Apr 1, 2006 South Bay Presbyterian Church Torrance CA
Mar 31, 2006 Gayle's Perks Northridge CA
Mar 26, 2006 South Bay Presbyterian Church Torrance CA
Mar 19, 2006 The Talking Stick Santa Monica CA
Mar 12, 2006 Christ Presbyterian Church Los Angeles CA
Feb 25, 2006 JPC Men's Breakfast Los Angeles CA
Feb 16, 2006 The Coffee Gallery Backstage Altadena CA
Jan 28, 2006 JEMS retro West Covina ca
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