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Jimi Yamagishi: Tunes & Lyrix

The Gospel according to Wayne

(Jimi Yamagishi)
J. Yamagishi ©2k

He lived up in the mountains, couldn’t always get to church
But he knew what he believed & read his Bible every day
Some said he was crazy, thought he was possessed
But I know he was a man of God & he walked in righteousness

For when he spoke, of his Lord Jesus
It was always like he spoke to him today
& he shared about salvation, simple pure & plain
The Gospel according to Wayne

Thous & thines & flowery words he didn’t understand
Were not about the love of God & so he threw them all away
Had veggies in his garden, & shared them with the poor
His actions spoke the Gospel like they’d never heard before


He never had a pulpit, never had too many books
But his words were very clear
because he spoke right from the heart
And I know his life has touched me, in a special way
Every time I share the Gospel simple pure & plain