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Jimi Yamagishi: Tunes & Lyrix

Count Your Blessings

(Jimi Yamagishi)
Count your Blessings
©JY 2k+1

Looking back to see the road I’ve traveled
Took some detours just to come this far
Sometimes took the way that looked so easy
Always wound up being just as hard

Sometimes watched with envy
As my friends found great success
Always get reminded
That it don’t mean happiness

Count your blessings, you will find
Count your blessings , and in time
Count your blessings you will see
You are right where you should be

Can’t sleep cuz I’m thinking ‘bout the future
Things that I can see but still can’t hold
Dreams I’ve locked away until tomorrow
Lost their sparkle sometime long ago

Then I hear a voice
Saying dreams are never lost
Sometimes they become a gift
For blessing someone else