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Jimi Yamagishi: Tunes & Lyrix

Guitarpickin’ Preacher

(Jimi Yamagishi)
Well I could tell somethin’ was different for the Sunday mornin’ service what the preacher man was gonna say
He had a Guild guitar leather strap & wearin’ glasses comin’ up from the south side way
All the folks in the church was wonderin’ what was gonna happen when he stood up & asked us to pray
And I swear I never heard such fire in The Gospel when the preacher man started to play
(like this)

Yeah he spoke of temptation of Jesus and the devil & the way that we were livin’ in sin
How there ain’t no way out of goin’ down under unless we had the power within
And he sang of salvation & the way to get to heaven & how Jesus Christ could be your friend
“Just let Him take over by the power of The Spirit, it’s just like being born again”

Then he grabbed his guitar & started pickin’ like a chicken all the people started clappin’ their hands
Praisin’ The Lord lift their voices up t’ heaven until we reach the promised land
(like this)

Yeah we raised the roof ‘cuz you know he spoke the truth about Jesus in your life each day
And I’ll always remember that guitar pickin’ preacher every time I hear a guitar play
& I’ve started t’ feel like pickin’ some steel since I gave my life to Jesus that day
Ya know someday on the road I’m gonna meet up with that preacher & we can praise the Lord & play
(like this)