Previous events


Jimi's Preachin'!

Christ Presbyterian Church, 4011 Clinton Street, Los Angeles, CA

Yup! I'm at the pulpit! & as you know, there will be music. I'll be preaching on being the light.& Lunch is always good. Hope to seeya there!


Songsalive & SongNet Presents

The Cork, 5043 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA

Gilli Moon & I are doing a once a month thing here, A great cozy bar attached to a good restaurant. Since it's Oscar nite, we will have it up on the bar TV between artists, & of course we'll all be sharing our Hollywood songs as well as other originals. It'll be a great way to do the Oscars Different & have a nice relaxed evening! Seeya then!


One Night Only! Band Reunion

Pho King Delicious, 9350 Corbin Ave, Northridge, CA

Gina Venturini Returns from Austin just for the night! We will also be holding a raffle to benefit Autism Speaks, so you could win a nice autographed guitar! & many other great prizes! I'll be opening the show as the Jimi Yamagishi Band with a few RAWKIN' songs you may have never heard me play, so come early if you can. It's also raining so it'll be a great night for some PHO (Vietnamese ramen kind of thing) Seeya there!