From the recording Life is Just a Party

I started this song after Galveston was wiped out, & changed the lyric after Katrina hit. Living in L.A>, earthquales, fires & flooding are all part of life, & no matter how much "stuff" people try to take with them when evacuating, the things that matter most are always the same.


Life is just a party
by Jimi Yamagishi (c) 2000

Coloring with crayons she went just outside the line
Thinks it’s such a tragedy she begins to cry
Her main concern is making sure the paper won’t get wet
Her life is just a party, but she don’t know it yet

Her Brother is in high school, he hopes to make the team
Missed the cut for all these years, now he’s seventeen
He graduates this summer, it’s the last chance he will get
His life is just a party, but he don’t know it yet

And the things that we hold precious are just shadows in the end
All the things that you possess will turn to dust again
What once was stuff of legend, is stuff you will forget
‘Cuz Your life is just a party,
But you don’t know it yet

Her father’s on his cellphone tryin’ t’ close another deal
Her mother pops a prozac ‘cuz she don’t want to feel
She worries about cancer as she snuffs her cigarette
Her life is just a party, but she don’t know it yet

Her sister’s in New Orleans, she survived the hurricane
Her cousin is in Pakistan kneeling in the rain
They’re thankful that they’re still alive, they’ve seen the face of death
They’ve been spared for a reason, though they might not know it yet