I met Isha Love @ TAXI this past weekend. Her playing reminded me a lot of Joe Sample. I met Joe @ the Baked Potato many years ago. He was sitting in the audience behind me & then Don Randi called him up on stage just to jam!  I forgot if I had posted of Joe's passing in September, I didn't see it on my timeline. Meeting Isha, & reconnecting with many industry friends at the TAXI Road Rally event, gave me a moment of reflection, how though we may move on, there are others coming in to fill the void. … Read more

facebook and more 

Hope you're havin' fun Wow, I haven't posted here since 2008! That means my facebook account is really keeping me much so I forget to post here! Well, hopefully that will change a bit. I know some of you have freaked out about the privacy issues on facebook or are so old skool that you're just happy to get stuff in the mail. So I will try posting more here Yesterday was a rare triple-header, Church in the morning, a gig in the afternoon, & a guest speaking engagement in the evening! I missed my…

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Thanksgiving 2008 

One month left to mark the end of this year And really, all it is, is just a mark. People continue to go about their daily routines, time passes, seasons change, & some of us get reflective…”WT(heck) happened? Another year already?” As children, our lives are measured in minutes. Then as we get older, hours, then days, months, years. At some point, it starts to revert back though, like the riddle of the sphinx. This year much has happened, but little was done. There is anticipation & hope for the…

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posted songs 

SOmetimes I do post new/strange material to my myspace profile @ It's my Mountain Beach Productions page, 'cuz sometimes it's also about posting stuff from projects I'm producing too, as most of you know, it's NOT all about me. :) I just posted "dad" there, & another wild instrumental track to lighten thing up in case "dad" gets too's been known to happen when I share "dad" live. & of course, though it's been a few weeks since father's day, I'm gonna share…

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Cousin Dave 

Thanks for prayin', & for stoppin' by here Dave was comin' over to my house before I was born. His dad (my uncle) was very close to my mom (his kid sister) & visited often. So he's is very much my older brother. As of today, 11/21, he's still @ Olympia Medical Center & will not be home for Thanksgiving, but by the grace of God, he's improving. At this point, I'll let his wife tell the story: Dear family, Dave has continued to get better, hour by hour. I am hopeful that by the grace of God he is…

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myspace Journal 

My regular journal is @ The reason for this is that myspace allows you to comment right on the journal itslf, so I know you're stopping by. :)

bonus song 

Yes, there is a lyric for a song that is NOT on the CD. It was in rotation for over a month on TEE-M's unsigned show back in the summer, & will be posted to listen to as soon as I find the file! :) Many of you requested this one for my next CD, & I was really surprised at how many of you took the time to email me while it was on the air. Let me know your thoughts either by email or taggin' my guestbook!


Well, I've only been here about a week, & so many of you have found me! I am humbled & honored that you've taken the time to say hello! The lyrics are still being posted, please keep checking back, I should heve 'em all up along with previews for the next one soon!


Hope you're havin' fun! New CD, new songs, new friends & a new CD all at once! The JEMS show was amazing, & Sumako Azuma herself performed for the first time in 10 years, brought a tear to my eyes. I now have 15 original Christmas songs, 32 recent coffeehouse songs, 76 Christian songs, 27 instrumentals & a couple hundred I still haven't decided what to do with yet. let me know whatcha wanna hear & I'll consider that for the next CD!