From the recording Wake me up Wendy

They liked the lil' bumber I wrote for 'em so I wrote & sent this rough demo. They liked it enough to actually AIR it, so I'm posting it here!


Wake Me Up Wendy
Jimi Yamagishi © 2011

Wake me up Wendy, What’s new in the neighborhood
Wake me up Wendy, can you tell me something good
As I wipe the sleep stuff from my eyes
I know you will make me smile
Oh Wendy, you make my morning shine

Wake me up Wendy, There’s a car chase goin’ on
Wake me up Wendy, That fire’s a five alarm
Roll out of bed & check the time
Switch the news to channel five
Oh Wendy, you make my morning shine

And if you have to do the weather
‘Cuz someone else ain’t got it together
You brighten up a cloudy day
Make the worst storm seem okay
Well what the heck this is L.A.
The weather’s perfect anyway

Wake me up Wendy, Something I appreciate
Wake me up Wendy, I know you can’t stay out too late
It’s your voice that starts my day
Gets me up & on my way
Oh Wendy, thanks to you it’s all okay

Wake me up Wendy
Wake me up Wendy….