Jimi's myspace page
My blog lives here, & most of my friends too!
The best place for songwriters! FREE!
Based in Australia, with chapters worldwide, good friends & another way t' hookup your music career!
Just Plain Folks
A casual group of music lovers and songwriters that is cool to hang with all over the country!
CD Baby!
Here's where you can buy the Selah Cafe CD! QUICK! before they're gone!
Sunlite Guitars!
Cheap but good. Like the best buffets!
Mountain Beach Enterprises
Myspace, my label
Hiromu's official Website
One of the most amazing guitarists I know, nice guy, living in Japan
The para-church org I work with & help produce artists thru.
'cuz ya need to find out how to get to my next gig!
Coffee House tour .com
Just as it says, a place to find venues & artits to share gigs with. as of today (Feb 2006) it's still growing, so get in on the ground floor NOW!
Singer/Songwriter Directory
The National association of record industry professional. You better know who that are if ya want to have a career in this industry!